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Accountancy – From NIOS Materials

NIOS Study Materials

NIOS ACCOUNTANCY for UPSC Aspirants is given below. Kindly refer it.


NIOS Accountancy Study Material

Accounting – An Introduction
Accounting Concepts
Accounting Conventions and Standards
Accounting for Business Transactions
Cash Book
Special Purpose Books
Bank Reconciliation Statement
Trial Balance



Errors and their Rectification
Computer and Computerised Accounting System
Financial Statements – An Introduction
Financial Statement – I
Financial Statement II
Not for Profit Organisation – An Introduction
Financial Statements
Partnership General
Admission of a Partner
Retirement and Death of a Partner



Company – An Introduction
Issue of Shares
Forfeitrue of Shares
Reissue of Debentures
Issue of Debentures
Financial Statements Analysis-An Introduction
Cost Accounting-An Introduction
Accounting Ratios-I
Basic Cost Concepts
Accounting Ratios-II



Cost Sheet
Cash Flow Statement
Materials and Stores
Module-2 Sample Question paper
Curriculum & Model Question paper

NIOS ACCOUNTANCY for UPSC is given above. Kindly refer it.


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