The River

The River – Caroline Ann Bowles

River, river, little river!
Bright you sparkle on your way;
O’er the yellow pebbles dancing,
Through the flowers and foliage glancing,
Like a child at play.

River, river! Swelling river!
On you rush through rough and smooth;
Louder, faster, brawling, leaping.
Over rocks, by rose-banks, sweeping
Like impetuous youth.

River, river! Brimming river!
Broad and deep, and still as time;
Seeming still, yet still in motion,
Tending onward to the ocean,
Just like mortal prime.

River, river! Headlong river!
Down you dash into the sea,
Sea that line hath never sounded,
Sea that sail hath never rounded,
Like eternity.

It Means:

foliage – பசுமையான
glancing – (hit light)
brawling – சண்டை
impetuous – கட்டுக்கு அடங்காத
Brimming – கரைக்கும்
mortal prime – மரணம்


foliage (n) : a cluster of leaves, flowers and branches
glancing (adj) : touching or hitting something lightly from the side, without causing much damage
swelling (adj) : becoming greater in intensity or volume
rose-banks (n) : riverbanks where roses (flowers) appear along
impetuous (adj) : acting quickly and without thought or care
tending (adj) : going in a particular way
headlong (adv) : with the head first and the rest of the body following
hath (v) : in the past, the third person singular form of the word ‘have’.
eternity (n) : life continuing without end after death

About the Poet

Caroline Ann Bowles (1786-1854) was an English poet and the wife of Robert Southey, the poet laureate of Britain. She was a poet of great merit and produced some of the best work at the threshold of the Victorian era. She wrote various other works including ‘The Little Ladybird’, ‘Chapter on Churchyard’ and ‘Tales of the Factories’.

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