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Public Administration

BA and MA IGNOU Public Administration are given below…


BA Public Administration IGNOU Study Material

BPAE-102 Indian Administration

Administrative System at the Advent of British Rule
British Administration- 1757-1858
Reforms in British Administration- 1858 to 1919
Administrative System under 1935 Act
Continuity and Change in Indian Administration- Post 1947
Constitutional Framework
Central Secretariat- Organisation and Functions
Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Secretariat
Union Public Service Commission-Selection Commission
Planning Process



All India and Central Services
Constitutional Profile of State Administration
State Secretariat- Organisation and Functions
Patterns of Relationship Between the Secretariat and Directorates
State Services and Public Service Commission
Field Administration
District Collector
Police Administration
Municipal Administration
Panchayati Raj



Socio-Cultural Factors and Administration
Redressal of Public Grievances
Administrative Tribunals
Judicial Administration
Centre- State Administrative Relationship
Decentralisation Debate
Relationship Between Political and Permanent Executives
Pressure Groups
Generalists and Specialists
Administrative Reforms




EPA-01 Administrative Theory

Public Administration – Meaning and Scope
Importance of Public Administration
Public Administration and other Social Sciences
Evolution of Public Administration
Comparative Public Administration
Development Administration
New Public Administration
Classical Approach-Luther Gulick and Lyndall Urwick
Scientific Management-F.W. Taylor
Human Relations Approach-Elton Mayo



System Approach-Chester Barnard
Behavioural Approach-Herbert Simon
Social Psychological Approach-Douglas McGregor and Abraham Maslow
Ecological Approach-Fred. W. Riggs
Meaning of Bureaucracy
Max Weber
Karl Marx
Representative Bureaucracy
Issues in Bureaucracy
Formal and Informal Organisations



Division of Work and Coordination
Span of Control
Unity of Command
Centralisation and Decentralisation
Administrative Planning
Authority and Responsibility



Chief Executive
Line Agencies
Staff and Auxiliary Agencies
Citizen and Administration
Organisational Effectiveness
Administrative Theory-An Evaluation




EPA-03 Development Administration

Development Administration – Concept and Meaning
Scope and Significance
Growth of Development Administration
Indias Socio-economjc Profile at Independence
Mixed Economy Model and hs Rationale and Significance
Role of Planning
Goals of Development
Planning Commission and National Development Council
State Planning Machinery



District Planning
Grass Roots Planning
Role of Bureaucracy
Colonial Heritage of Indian Bureaucracy
Social Background of Indian Bureaucracy
Neutral vs Committed Bureaucracy
Bureaucrats and Politicians and their Relationship
Enhancing Bureaucratic Capability
Concept of Democratic Decentralisation
Evolution and Role of Panchayati Raj



Emerging Patterns of Panchayati Raj
Problems and Prospects of Panchayati Raj
Role of Voluntary Agencies
Co-operatives and Development
Specialised Agencies for Development
Evolution and Expansion of Public Sector
Forms of Public Enterprise
Role of Development Corporations
Administrative Problems of Public Sector




EPA-04 Personnel Administration

Concept, Nature and Scope of Personnel Administration
Functions and Significance of Personnel Administration
Public Services and their Role in Administrative System
Characteristics of Public Personnel Administration in India
Civil Service in the Context of Modern Bureaucracy
Bases of Bureaucracy
Development of Public Services in India
Classification of Services (Cadres)
Generalists and Specialists



Central and State Training Institutes
Administrative Tribunals
Career Planning and Development
Personnel Policy
Recruitment (Reservation in Services)
Performance Appraisal
Salary Administration (Including Incentives & Other Benefits)
Conduct and Discipline



Administrative Ethics and Integrity in Civil Services
Employee Unions
Joint Consultative Machinery
Rights Of Public Servants
Motivation And Morale




EPA-05 Financial Administration

Nature and Scope of Financial Administration
Objectives and Principles of Financial Administration
Mixed Economy
Centre-State Financial Relations-I
Centre-State Financial Relations-II
Fiscal Policy, Equity and Social Justice
Government Budgeting – Principles and Functions
Indian Budgetary System
Classification of Government Expenditure
Public Expenditure- Theories and Growth



Performance Budgeting
Zero Base Budgeting
Sources of Revenue – Tax and Non-Tax
Deficit Financing
Public Debt Management and Role of Reserve Bank of India
Financial Appraisal
Economic and Social Appraisal
Legislative Control
System of Financial Committees
Executive Control



Accounting System in India
Auditing System in India
Role of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG)
Financial Administration of Public Enterprises
Financial Autonomy and Accountability of Public Enterprises
Financial Administration of Urban Governments
Financial Administration of Rural Governments




EPA-06 Public Policy

Public Policy – Meaning And Nature
Policy Cycle – Constraints in Policy Making
Contextual Setting of Public Policy Making
Importance of Public Policy Study – Modern Context
Emerging Discipline of Policy Sciences
Inter-Governmental Relations
Role of Political Executive
Role of Bureaucracy
Role of Legislature
Role of judiciary



Interaction Amongst Various Organs
Case Study of The Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act 1976-I
Case Study of The Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act 1976-II
Interest Groups and Policy-Making
Political Parties and Policy- Making
Mass Media
Socail Movements
International Agencies
Role of Governmental Agencies in Policy Implementation-I
Role of Government Agencies in Policy Implementation-II



Role of Non-governmental Agencies in Policy Implementation
Policy Implementation Problems
Land Reforms
Anti-poverty Programmes
Industrial Policy
Panchayati Raj (Rural Development)
Policy Impact and Evaluation
Policy Making Approaches and Models of Policy Analysis
Policy Analysis- An Overview



MA Public Administration IGNOU Study Material

MPA-011 State, Society and Public Administration

Nature of State
Relationship among State, Society and Public Administration
Changing Role of the State- Issues and Challenges
Liberal and Marxist Perspective of the State
Neo-liberal Perspective
Gandhian Perspective
Interface between Citizens and Administration
Democratic Peoples Struggle- Case Studies
Changing Norms of Social Equity, Participation, Flexibility and Autonomy
Social Participation- Issues of Gender, Weaker Sections and Environment



Changing Nature of Indian State
Role of Bureaucracy in Policy Formulation, Implementation and Analysis
Contemporary Context of Indian Bureaucracy
Impact of Globalisation on Administration
Challenges to Traditional Bureaucratic Paradigm
Emerging Concepts- New Public Management, Reinventing Government and Business Process Reengineering
Concept of Good Governance
Governmental Institutions- Towards Reforms
Growing Role of Civil Society Organisations
Redefinition of Conflict Resolution
Ethical Concerns in Public Administration




MPA-012 Administrative Theory

Public Administration – Meaning, Nature and Scope and Importance
Nature and Typologies of Organisation
Development and Growth of Administrative Theories
Scientific Management Approach
Administrative Management Approach
Max Webers Theory of Bureaucracy
Critique of Bureaucracy
Human Relations Approach
Views of Herbert A. Simon on Decisoin-Making in an Organisation
Organisational Structure, Processes and Functioning



Socio-Psychological Approach- Views of Chris Argyris
Socio-Psychological Approach- Views of Abraham Maslow and Frederick Herzberg
Socio-Psychological Approach- Views of Doughlas Mcgregor and Victor Vroom
Open and Cooperative Systems
Systems Approach- Views of David Easton and Chester Barnard
Concept of Learning Organisation
New Organisational Culture
New Public Administration
Perspective of Public Choice
Pertinence of Critical Theory
New Public Management Perspective
State of Administrative Theory in 21st Century




MPA-013 Public Systems Management

Public Systems Management- Concept, Nature, Scope and Characteristics
Distinctiveness of Public Systems Management
Public Systems Management- Constitutional Context
Public Systems Management- Political Context
Public Systems Management- Socio-economic Context
New Technologies and Public Systems Management
Concept of Governance- An Introduction
Governance- Role of Bureaucracy and Political Executive
Governance- Role of the Legislature and the Judiciary
Inter-governmental Relations in the Process of Governance



Financial Management
Materials-Logistics Management
Strategic Management
Key Management Tools
Management Information System
Work Measurement
Selective Market Techniques
Future Designing Techniques
Responsiveness in Public System Management



Transparency and Right to Information
Networking and Inter-institutional Coordination in Governance
Reforms and Change Management
Continuity and Change in Public Systems Management




MPA-014 Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management- Meaning, Nature, Scope and Significance
Strategic Human Resource Management
Human Resource Planning and Strategy
Job Analysis and Job Design
Recruitment, Selection, Appointment and Promotion
Performance Appraisal
Remuneration and Salary System
Rewards and Incentive Management
Employee Benefits
Training and Development



Redeployment and Reskilling
Learning and Development
Management Development
Employee Capacity Building Strategies
Total Quality Management
Employee Health and Safety
Human Resource Management and Employment Involvement
Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
Discipline and Grievances
Assessing Human Resource Management Effectiveness



Human Resource Audit
Managing Change at the Work Place
Stress Management




MPA-015 Public Policy and Analysis

Understanding Public Policy
The Policy Cycle
Models of Public Policy
Importance of Public Policy- Contemporary Context
Policy Sciences
Role of Inter-Governmental Relations in Policy-Making
Role of Planning Commission and National Development Council in Policy Formulation
Role of Cabinet Secretariat and Prime Ministers Office in Policy-Making
Role of Civil Society Organisations in Policy-Making
Role of International Agencies in Policy-Making



Constraints in Public Policy Formulation
Public Policy- Implementation System and Models
Role of Various Agencies in Policy Implementation
Policy Implementation Problems
Monitoring of Public Policy-I
Monitoring of Public Policy-II
Understanding Policy Evaluation
Ascertaining Policy Impact
Policy Analysis
Policy Analysis- Methods and Techniques-I



Policy Analysis- Methods and Techniques-II
Policy Analysis- Optimisation Studies
Disinvestment Policy- A Case Study of India
Telecom Policy- A Case Study of India




MPA-016 Decentralisation and Local Governance

Concept, Evolution and Significance of Democratic Decentralisation
Contextual Dimensions of Democratic Decentralisation-1-Political, Constitutional and Administrative
Contextual Dimensions of Democratic Decentralisation-2-Social, Economic and Geographical
Understanding Decentralisation in Contemporary Settings
Components of Decentralised Development-I-Empowerment
Components of Decentralised Development-II-Socioeconomic and Politico-administrative
Components of Decentralised Development-III Equal Distribution of Benefits of Development
Partnership Among Different Levels of Government-I-Union and State Governments
Partnership Among Different Levels of Government-II-Local Authorities and Special Purpose Agencies
Partnership Between Local Government and Non-State Agencies-Actors



Impact of Decentralised Development
Evolution of Local Governance (Before 73rd & 74th) Amendment
Features Of 73rd and 74th constitutional Amendment
Organisational Structure of Rural Local Bodies
Organisational Structure of Urban Local Bodies
Intra-Local Government Relationship-I-Rural
Intra-Local Government Relationship-II-Urban
Development Planning-Nature and Scope
Micro Level Plans-Formulation and Implementation
Structural Reforms-Resources, Finances, Powers and Functions



Capacity Building of Grassroots Functionaries
Sustainable Development and Challenges to Decentralised Governance
Decentralisation-The Road Ahead




MPA-017 Electronic Governance

E-Governance- Concept and Significance
Information and Communication Technology- Concept and Components
ICTs- Roles and Applications
Role of ICT in Administration
Administrative Organisation Culture- Towards ICT Based Reforms
Role of ICT in Rural Development
Panchayati Raj Institutions- Improving Self- Governance Through ICT
E-Learning- Role of ICT in Education and Training
Delivery of Citizen Services- Role of ICT



ICT in Indian Railways
Saukaryam- ICT Project in Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, Andhra Pradesh
E-Seva- ICT Project in Self-Help in Andhra Pradesh
Information Policy- Right to Information Act 2005
ICT Implementation in Governance- Issues and Challenges




MPA-018 Disaster Management

Meaning and Classification of Disasters
Disaster Management Cycle
Disaster Management-Recent Trends
Disaster Preparedness-Indian Context
Disaster Prevention
Vulnerability Analysis and Risk Assessment
Resource Analysis and Mobilisation
Disaster Mitigation
Community Based Disaster Management
Search, Rescue and Evacuation



Temporary Shelter, Warehousing And Stockpiling
Distribution of Relief Material
Emergency Operation Centers
Damage Assessment
Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
Disasters and Development
First Responders
Disaster Manager
Disaster Management Strategies




MPS-003 India- Democracy and Development

National Movement
Development Models
Political Economy
Economy-Structure And Growth
Bureaucracy, Police, Army



Self Government
Political Parties
Workers And Peasents
Interest Groups
Caste, Regligion, Language
Civil Society
Human Development
Regional Imbalances



Economic Reforms
Reglious Politics
Democracy And Development-Assessment

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