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Science and Technology – From NIOS Study Material for UPSC

NIOS Science and Technology Book

NIOS Science and Technology Book for UPSC is given below. Kindly refer it.


NIOS Science Study Material

[ NIOS Science Book – NIOS Science UPSC ]

Measurement in Science and Technology
Structure and Properties of Matter
Atomic Structure
Periodic Classification of Elements
Chemical Arithmetic and Reactions
Motion and Its Description
Thermal Energy
Light Energy
Electrical Energy
Electricity in Our Homes



Chemical and Nuclear Energy
The Earth – A Living Planet
Our Environment
Air and Water
Mineral Resources – Metals and Non-metals
Materials in Our Daily Life
Environmental Problems
Diversity in the Living World
Cells, Tissues and Organs – The Building Blocks of the Body
Food and Nutrition



Transport of Materials in Plants and Animals
Respiratory Gaseous Exchange and Elimination of Body Wastes
Control and Coordination
From Parents to Children – Elements of Genetics
Health, Hygiene and Diseases
Agricultural Practices and Animal Husbandry
Space Exploration

NIOS Science Study Material Book for UPSC is given above. Kindly refer it.


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