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Hello Friends…..

This is a site of Virkoz Educational Groups. 

The purpose of the site:

In recent years, the successful rate of tamilnadu civil service (UPSC) aspirants has been decreasing due to several reasons. Here, we are pointing out some important reasons.

1. No proper guidance.
2. Financial situation.
3. Due to family burden many students were forced to work.
4. No proper books and study materials for Tamil medium aspirants.
5. And, one of the most important thing is lack of proper training center for Tamil medium aspirants.

Due to these reasons, the number of aspirants from Tamil Nadu is decreasing. So, to put an end to these kind of problems, this site is just a small beginning. You can use this site as a guide, training center and to share your study materials.

Now you would know, the purpose of the site.
Yes ….. to increase the successful rate of civil service aspirants from Tamil Nadu.

Well here! what you can do on the site:

1.  Share your ideas and activities, to clear the exam.
2. Share your study materials.
3. Answer the questions given here.

  • Every week, we will post five questions.(Both Tamil/English)
  • Try to answer it.
  • Answer key for the given questions, will release on the following Sunday.

4. Post your content, from any subjects (whether Optional/General Studies) as you know. And find your Optional Subject Group members from here and share your subject knowledge. It may be useful for some new aspirants. For example: History, Geography, Science, Polity, etc……..
5. If you have any queries, post here.(Group members may help you to solve your queries)

This site is mainly for UPSC civil service aspirants ….
The irrelevant posts, will be removed by the Virkoz Team.

IMPORTANT: Your participation, is very important to succeed in the UPSC civil service examination. The writing skill and thinking power will decide your winning rate to clear the exam. In this platform, you could develop the mentioned skills with your regular participation.

Don’t be static …….. Act dynamic

REQUEST: Don’t share your personal details to other people in the group, until you trust the person.
Please note, the administration is not responsible for such concerns.

“Individual Discipline is very important in everyone’s Life. It decides What you are ! Where you are !“

These kind of efforts have been successful in North India, both in English and Regional Languages.

We don’t provide jobs we provide career

Congratulations ! For your dreams to success.

Virkoz Educational Groups

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