The Comet

The Comet – Norman Littleford

Rampaging through the heavens
Never stopping day or night,
A spectacle of a lifetime
A comet in full flight.

Faster than a cheetah
With a tail that’s miles long,
Bigger than a mountain
So powerful and strong.

The outer ice is melting
Causing vapor from the force,
And leaves a trail behind it
As it travels on its course.

If one should come too close to earth
The atmosphere will shake,
With shockwave reaching to the ground
Causing the land to quake.

Scientists say the chemicals
In the dust they leave behind,
Could have started life on the earth
Which resulted in mankind.

I cannot say if this is true
I do not have the right,
But I know no better spectacle
Than a comet in full flight.

It Means:

Rampaging – வெறிபிடித்தல்
spectacle – அதிசயமான காட்சி


rampaging (v) – going through an area making a lot of noise and causing damage
spectacle (n) – an unusual or unexpected event or situation that attracts attention, interest
comet (n) – an icy small Solar body, which when passing close to the Sun, warms and begins to release gases that are seen on rare occasions from the earth as a bright line in the sky
trail (n) – a path often made or used for a particular purpose
quake (v) – a sudden violent movement of the earth’s surface, some times causing great damage (short form of earthquake).

About the Poet

Norman Littleford (18 May 1889 – 20 May 1947) was an American poet, born in Maryland, USA. Most of his works focused on life and nature. His poems are simple but deep in thought and provoke the readers to absorb the ideas beyond the usual.

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